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JIN & JAM No. 1 (2nd Printing)

Image of JIN & JAM No. 1 (2nd Printing)


This is the second printing of Jin & Jam #1, which boasts a slightly different cover, pink pages, smaller size, and smaller price! Originally published by Sparkplug Comics in 2008, this zine version was self-published in 2012.

Issue #1 follows bored California teens, Jin and Jam, who meet, become friends, battle cops and conjoined twins, and make stupid teenaged observations about life.

Some reviews:


"Hellen Jo mixes manga motifs with an old-fashioned underground sensibility and arrives at something bruisingly new. Tinges of Korean folk art and breathtaking shifts in perspective suggest a state somewhere between profane reality and an idyllic adolescent dreamstate. Can't wait for more."


"The panels explode with the surreality of teenagedom, where every sound, smell and moment is amplified to an excruciating degree."


"This is one of the best comics I've seen in a while... Everything in this book is drawn with loving care..."


"...the characters are morons..."

Read the entire comic for free at whatthingsdo