RIP 2020 (5 COLOR RISOGRAPH PRINT) - 10.5x10.5"

  • RIP 2020 (5 COLOR RISOGRAPH PRINT) - 10.5x10.5"

A print of a painting of an illustration! This 5-color risograph print depicts two Korean baddies pouring one out at the grave of that fucked-up year. They are performing 성묘 (seongmyo), a ritual ancestral offering of food and incense.

Originally drawn for the cover of my 2021 Planner, I redrew and painted the second version of this piece using acrylic gouache and ink on 8x8" wood. Colors were then separated and lovingly printed by Max and Sanaa of Tiny Splendor in Oakland, California, for the third version of this image, as a five-color, six-layer risograph print. The woodgrain is also printed! How they do that?!

Max notes:

"The print is five layers - but technically it is six because I ran the black twice - once as an under print to overlap with the gray to create two tones of gray and once as the "key" final layer. I kind of had a breakthrough working on your print in overlapping gray and black like that lol."

10.5x10.5" five-color risograph print on cardstock. Signed.

Ships flat!